Online mixing is a very convenient way for producers and artists to get their songs mixed anywhere in the world.
Mixing a song is a very intricate and delicate process and is a combination of various factors. It is not only a matter of getting the right balance but also a matter of enhancing individual sounds, shaping and creating space and depth. 
You have most probably spent a lot of time on arranging your song, choosing the right sounds, vocal recording/editing and now it’s time for the mixing stage and using a professional online mixing service.
If you want your production to sound good, so that it will be able to compete with all of those successful songs in the charts, then you will need a brilliant mix and this is something not only that I specialize in, but also I'm extremely good at!!  
Once you have contacted me and after our initial telephone conversation in which we discuss the process of having your song mixed by me personally.
You can then send me the audio files by using any upload service of your choosing or you can use WeTransfer.


Online Mixing


The audio files can either be 24 Bit/44.1khz or 24 Bit/48khz  in either wave or aif format. 
In order for me to import the audio files quickly and to ensure that all files are in sync….all files should start at the same position.
Mono tracks should be bounced/exported in mono and obviously stereo tracks in stereo.
All tracks should normally be bounced/exported dry!!

In some instances you might have some really cool effects on the keyboards, guitars or even vocals. In which case, you should definitely send me these tracks with the effects on.


When I have mixed the song, I will send you a Hi-Qualtiy MP3 for you to listen to in your own studio, home and car.
You can then call me and we can talk about any changes you would like to have done.
Remember….I’m not happy until you are completely satisfied with your mix!
When you are 100% satisfied, I will then send you a 24 Bit Wave file for mastering.


Mastering is the final process in the music production chain, before the „Master“ or DDP image gets sent to the CD production plant.

The mastering process is widely misunderstood and is not just about making a mix sound „LOUD“, as loud does not mean good or better. 

If the mix is very good, then there may only be the need to do some fine tuning. In some cases „ Less can be more“!
A good mastering engineer will analyse your song by listing to it 2-3 times and then decide what needs to be done?
How is the bottom end?
Does the Bass have a horrible pretruding frequency?
Are the guitars taking too much space in the midrange?
Do the vocals sizzle and need extra De-Essing? 


✮ Audio files should be in 24 Bit/44.1khz if possible.
✮ Do not over compress the stereo master bus.
✮ Alternatively bypass the compressor completely.
✮ Avoid using EQ on the stereo master bus.
✮ Leave at least 6 db of headroom.
✮ Do not use any loudness maximisers! 
✮ You can send me the audio files by using We Transfer.


With over 25 years of experience in recording and production techniques, I have been very privileged to work with many well known artists, producers and musicians.
You as a songwriter, musician, singer or band can benefit from this vast experience.

If you have written a song and require help in the production process, then I can help you transform your idea or demo into sounding like a professional commercial production.
I have various contacts to a wide variety of top musicians including:

Backing vocalists
Bass players

With so many talented musicians in my network, I can help you to get working with the right people in order to achieve excellent results quickly.

For further information on how I can help you with your new production contact me HERE







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