Gary Jones

Gary Jones is well respected for his work as a Recording/Mixing Engineer.

He started his career 25 years ago in the south of England and was later chosen out of over 450 applicants to work at one of the most famous studios in England/London, (Sarm East), which later became the home studio of the now very famous producer Trevor Horn. At the same time, Gary had another very promising offer from "Europasound Studios" in Frankfurt, Germany. This was the studio infamous for all of Frank Farian’s hits with "Boney M" and "Eruption". Gary decided to move to Germany in 1980, as he was always keen to live here and it was here at Europasound Studios, that he worked with many well known producers & artists including Michael Cretu ("Enigma") and Jennifer Rush.

In 1982, after receiving many inquiries from England, he decided to move back to the U.K. where he worked as a Freelance Engineer. In this period, he worked with bands like the Eurthymics, and solo artists such as Andy Summers (The Police), Toyah and the great Robert Fripp of King Crimson.

It was four years later, that Gary received an offer from one of the most successful and largest recording studios in Germany, Sound Studio "N" in Cologne. Once again, it was time for Gary to pack his bags and sell his flat and make another move back to Germany. Here, he was privileged to work with a number of successful national & international artists.

As it was always Gary’s ambition to become a successful record Producer, he was very delighted when Coconut Records approached him and offered him a job as Studio Manager/Engineer. At Coconut Records, he was also given the opportunity to produce and co-produce various artists for the record label. Over the years, he was responsible for the recording/mixing and co-production of many international Top 20 hits.

In 1993, Coconut Records signed "Haddaway" and this was the beginning of a successful musical relationship with “Worldwide Hits” such as "What Is Love", "Life", "I Miss You" & "Rock My Heart" setting a high standard in sound & production techniques. It was this worldwide recognition that brought an influx of artists and companies wanting Gary to mix/re-mix or produce their songs. Amongst those were "Ace Of Base", and "The Pet Shop Boys".

It was with this success, and the fact that Gary was highly regarded within the music industry for the „Big Sound“ that he creates, that he decided to set up his own production company. Moonlight Productions which also included Moonlight Studio was founded in 1996 & was situated in a small village near Cologne, Germany. Here, he worked for various record companies (Universal Music, Sony Music, EMI, Warner Music etc,)and naturally on his own productions.

Gary is now based in the south of Germany based on the Swiss/German/French border, the success has continued over the years with further Top 20 hits and more Gold & Platinum awards to his credit.

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